Join the Tribe and Win Free Entry

The One Run on August 11, 2013

One Run 32Register for The One Run for your chance to win one of two (2) free entries.  We are doing this because we believe in giving back to the running community; helping those who make significant contributions to others in need, and for those that otherwise could not afford compete in a race of this magnitude. Register here to Join the Tribe and your chance to win.


1.) First free entry will be given based on the most compelling application.

2.) Second free entry will be given based on random lottery for those that apply.

  • You must register and fill out application to qualify.  
  • Registration means you must sign up for the event and pay initial deposit or full registration fee.
  • Free entry includes registration fees only, and included amenities.
  • It does not cover airfare, transportation, hotel, food or other amenities beyond what’s included in registration.
  • The first entry will be awarded based on application on December 1st, 2013. (Deadline November 1st)
  • The second entry will be awarded based on lottery on January 31st, 2014. (Deadline January 1st)
  • Any paid registration or deposit will be refunded to the winner(s).