News Release

One Run on August 14, 2013


Press Release
August 14, 2013

New Race

The Stage is set and the route in place to race on the stunning, unspoiled island of Dominica in the West Indies. It willoffer a challenging and extremely unique multi-day race in a location that is nothing short of jaw dropping.

The newly completed 115-mile Waitukubuli Trail is without a doubt one of the most epic and challenging long distance trails in the world,and the only one of its kind in the entire Caribbean.

The trail takes runners through every island environment imaginable, penetrating into remote primary and secondary rainforests, up mist-covered volcanic mountains, down deep canyons and gorges, through cool rivers and waterfalls, and along pristine beaches and rocky coastlines.  The incredible diversity of wildlife and plant species that can be seen along the trail only adds to the list of reasons why Dominica is known simply as the “Nature Isle of the Caribbean”.

Resembling a scene straight out of Jurassic Park, Dominica’s landscape is a lost and unspoiled world dominated by lofty peaks, lush rainforest, thundering waterfalls, wild coastlines and an incredible diversity of flora and fauna.  It’s home to one of only two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Caribbean – Morne Trois Pitons National Park.

Dominica is one of the most geo-thermically active islands in the world, contains the world’s second largest hot spring, and is home to nine active volcanoes and boasts 21 one named mountains, the highest Mount Diablotins towers 4,747 feet from sea level.

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