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2014 ONE RUN Finisher CertificateOur approach in 2014 was exploratory and with a very capable group of runners. The event was a great adventure!

The weather was stunning but it was a challenging race on tough terrain that tested runners with rock, root and serious ascents and descents.

Kevin Matrasovs of Kelowna, Canada now holds a fastest known time (FKT) record of 34 hours and 23 minutes for completing all 14 segments of the entire Waitibukuli Trail Crossing(163km)!

We think that FKT will last…at least until next year.

The One Run is an extraordinary trail competition.  Set each year on a remote and unspoiled tropical island; the race gives runners and athletes of all backgrounds the chance to experience a very different kind of island escape; taking on some of the most breathtaking trails on the planet while competing to become the first to race across the island’s rugged landscape and reach its opposite shore.  At various points along the way runners will also be challenged to go beyond the trail, encountering parts of the island rarely seen or visited, overcoming the island’s natural obstacles and connecting with the island’s traditional way of life.  This will provide a unique opportunity to experience the island in its most natural state and begin to imagine the area through the eyes of every traveler, explorer or castaway who ever stepped foot on the island’s shores.  While the competition to be first to the finish will undoubtedly be fierce, competitors will learn that the real race and the real competition begins within.  In the end it’s just you against the island, and this isn’t your typical honeymoon destination.

The race is set on the lush island of Dominica in the Caribbean West Indies.  The newly completed 115-mile Waitukubuli Trail is without a doubt one of the most epic and challenging long distance trails in the world, and the only one of its kind in the entire Caribbean.  The trail takes runners through every island environment imaginable, penetrating into remote primary and secondary rainforests, up mist covered volcanic mountains, down deep canyons and gorges, through cool rivers and waterfalls, and along pristine beaches and rocky coastlines.  The incredible diversity of wildlife and plant species that can be seen along the trail only adds to the list of reasons why Dominica is known simply as the “Nature Isle of the Caribbean”.   If there were a trail running Garden of Eden, Dominica would surely be it.

There are two race options:

Waitibukuli Trail Crossing 

For the ONE RUN DOMINICA we will continue to with to offer a race along the Waitibukilu Trail – The One Run: Dominica is the ultimate race across the entire island of Dominica on a 163k marked trail on what we call the Waitibukuli Trail Crossing.  (5 extremely challenging stages. We will also offer a short course option for this of about 125k which will still have you running each stage/day but some days will be shortened)

Dominica Trail Challenge

For 2015 we will also introduce the 100k Dominica Trail Challenge, a 4-day stage race that will take you to some of the best running trails on the island and allow you to go back to comfortable lodging/hotels each evening. There are no qualification requirements for this race.














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