Frequently Asked Questions


Q) How do I get to Dominica?

A: Refer to travel details here: “Getting to the Island”

Q) Where do participants meet?

A: Roseau, Dominica

Q) Is ground transport from the airport included?

A: To make things easy once you’ve landed we have included group ground transportation to and from the airport (pre and post race only) in the registration price.

 Q) When do I have to arrive and depart?

A: Competitors must arrive no later than Sunday, April 6th, and can depart on Saturday, April 12th.  We also encourage competitors to extend their stay either before or after the race, as this is the optimal time of year to visit Dominica.  We can help you with your travel beyond the event and can setup travel packages.


Q) What is the race format?

A: The race is a multi-day staged running event for solo competitors and teams of two or more.   The event will consist of 5 different run stages of varying lengths over 5 days.  Runners will only need to carry minimal gear with them each day, and camp/personal gear will be transported between daily camps.  At times runners will be challenged to go beyond the trail and take on the islands natural terrain and obstacles.  These nature of these challenges will be explained in more detail in upcoming competitor updates.  This is a trail running race at its core however, so navigation or advanced technical skills will NOT be required to complete these sections.  However these sections while short, will be very challenging.  Again we’re not saying it’ll be easy, we’re saying it’ll be worth it.

Q) What level of training is needed?

A: While the course is being designed to be the ultimate trail running competition, it will challenge elite and novice runners alike. Though anyone with a sense of adventure, a strong will and good fitness can complete the course.  Stages races offer a different way to take on a long distance trail running, and each day is a new race and a new opportunity to test yourself against the trail and the island.  In general we are timing the course so that slower runners walking the uphill sections will be able to make the cutoffs and reach the finish.  Elite runners will obviously finish each day in much less time, but recovery between stages will be the biggest factor in determining who reaches the finish.

Q) Will there be a short course?

A:  Yes, however we will start everyone on the long course and support and encourage everyone to finish the full course. There will be short course options on the longer stages for those that do not make the cutoff or elect to drop down to this category. Runners electing the short course will be ranked behind full course participants.

Q) What race divisions will there be?

A: There will be divisions for male and female, as well as a team competition.

Q) How long is each stage?

A: Each stage will vary in distance and time.  The shortest stage will be roughly 15 miles and the longest ~35 miles.  The longer stages may run longer than 12 hours requiring the use of headlamps.  The overall course will be ~125 miles.

Q) Do you have a route description?

A: You can find the general route description here: “Route”.  Further details will be provided in competitor updates.

Q) Will a elevation profile and course booklet be provided?

A:  As the route is finalized an elevation profile and exact daily distances will be provided.  The exact route for each day will be presented at the race briefing before each stage.  A general course booklet will be provided.

Q) Are there any feed / hydration stations?

A: There will be hydration / aid stations at various locations along the route.  Dominica has 365 rivers so water will be plentiful and water treatment is recommended.  Also it will be possible at times to purchase drinks and food items along the course at various points.

 Q) Will the course be marked?

A: Yes the course will be marked with flagging, with the exception of short sections where you will follow distinct natural terrain features, such as a river or coastline.  Critical trail junctions will be flagged or manned by race personnel.  While the course is intuitive, there may be times when one can get off track.  If this happens simply backtrack to the last route marker or manned check point.  This is an island so it will be difficult to get lost, at least for very long.  We will be checking each competitor through at each checkpoint and course sweepers will be ensuring everyone stays on track.

Q) Do you have any recommended gear for the event?

A: Yes, on our “Gear List” page.  There are mandatory and optional items, but ultimately this is an expedition style event and it is up to you to be self sufficient on trail and in camp.  You will have plenty of support along the way at various points, and race personnel and volunteers will never be far away.

Q) What gear will you transport each day?

A:  We will transport your waterproof duffel or hard shell container.  All your personal and race gear, that you do not bring on course with you should fit in this container, with the exception of your tent.  We will transport you gear bag/box and tent each day to the next camp where it will be waiting for you upon finish.  You will be responsible for setting up your own camp, and breaking it down each morning before the start.


Q) What hotel accommodations are provided?

A: For ease we have included hotel accommodation for two (2) nights in the registration price.  This will be one night pre-race on April 6th and one night post-race on April 11th.  We are working to secure group rates if you decide to arrive earlier or later than the specified dates.  The host hotels will be announced in an upcoming competitor update.

Q) What accommodation is provided on course?

A: We will be providing group camps out on the course, and all your gear will be transported between these locations each day. We are also investigating optional home stays on certain days, where competitors may choose to stay with a local family, sleep in a bed, have a shower and a authentic meal for a small additional cost.  Details on this will be provided in an upcoming competitor update.


Q) What food/meals are being provided?

A:  On race days breakfast will be provided before the start, and fully stocked aid stations will be available on course.  Food items will consist of high energy foods, fresh fruit, cereal, yogurt, bagels, sandwiches, potatoes, snacks, etc.  We will also be organizing communal dinners each night on course with the local community for a small fee and additional food is available in villages near camps, and along the course.  Competitors may also choose to bring and prepare their own meals in camp if they choose.  Pre and post race food will be available at the hotel or in town near where we are staying.  Post race we will provide a catered beach party, which is really the most important part of the whole race.

Q) Will water and electrolyte replacement be provided?

A: Yes water and gatorade (or similar) will be provided on course and in camps.


Q) What is the cost for registration?

A: Early registration is $1950.00 before November 1st to save $300.00 off registration. After November 1st registration is $2,250.00.  After February 1st registration is $2,500.00.  Race deposit of $750.00 is required upon registration.  The balance is due February 1st.

Q) What’s included in my entry fee?

A: Professionally organised event, transfers for participants from airport, two nights lodging, select meals, race number, course marking, manned check points, hydration and feed stations, race buff, finishers medal, prizes for each category.

Q) Can I get a refund if I have to pull out?

A: We have a 30-day full refund policy from time of registration. 50% of your registration may be applied to a future race if canceling up to 120 days before race. Within 120 days no refunds or credits are given. We also recommend considering a reasonable travel insurance policy to protect your registration investment.



Q) Do you have ay Rules that I have to adhere to?

A: The event is open to participants 18 years of age and over. Participants must ensure they have appropriate footwear, clothing and mandatory gear. All participants must refer to the recommended kit list. All participants must refer to their route books and adhere to the spirit of the event by showing courtesy to other trail users and not littering – we operate a Leave No Trace Policy. If you drop your rubbish you WILL be disqualified.

Q) Will I have to sign a Disclaimer?

A:Yes, by entering the event you will be bound by the event disclaimer.


Q) Are guests allowed to register?

A: Yes, Family and friends are more than welcome to register and come along to this event to show support, even if they are opting not to race.  They are welcomed and encouraged to volunteer for the event.  We can also setup additional adventure package for those wishing to take part in other activities and see other parts of the island.

Q) I would like to volunteer for the event?

A: We encourage anyone join us and take part in the adventure as a volunteer.  We have many positions that need to be staffed including aid station volunteers, course sweepers, medical personal, course setup, logistics, etc.  This is a great opportunity to become part of an incredible community of people and have a great adventure at the same time.  If interested please contact us using the “volunteer contact form” for details.

Q) Is there anything sent to me in the post before the event?

A: No, all information and items to include race numbers, route book and other information associated with the event will be given to you upon registration on the day of the event.

Q) Can I raise money for Charity?

A: Yes, we welcome and strongly encourage participants to raise money for charities and other worthwhile causes.  Also please consider filling out an application to “Win Free Entry” as we will be giving away two (2) entries.

Q) What currency is accepted in Dominica?

A: In Dominica the currency is the East Caribbean Dollar (XCD is the currency code).  U.S. Dollars ($, USD) and British Pounds (£, GBP) are also widely accepted.  Whenever making a purchase find out whether the prices being quoted are in U.S. Dollars or East Caribbean Dollars. The notes available are EC$5, 10, 20, 50 and 100.  The coins available are EC$1, 1 cent, 2 cents, 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents and 50 cents.  Use the CURRENCY CONVERTER to find out the current exchange rate.

Have additional questions…  Please submit you questions “here” and we will do our best to answer any additional questions you have.

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