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- 125 MILES
- 30,000 FEET OF GAIN

The One Run is the ultimate trail running competition.  Set each year on a remote and unspoiled tropical island; the race gives runners and athletes of all backgrounds the chance to experience a very different kind of island escape; taking on some of the most breathtaking trails on the planet while competing to become the first to race across the island’s rugged landscape and reach its opposite shore.  At various points along the way runners will also be challenged to go beyond the trail, encountering parts of the island rarely seen or visited, overcoming the island’s natural obstacles and connecting with the island’s traditional way of life.  This will provide a unique opportunity to experience the island in its most natural state and for a time returning to the days when pirates ruled the sea, and stories of hidden treasure and cannibals instilled both fear and wonder in the hearts of all who stepped on the island’s shores.  While the competition to be first to the finish will undoubtedly be fierce, competitors will learn that the real race and the real competition begins within.  In the end it’s just you against the island, and this isn’t your typical honeymoon destination.

For the inaugural race we will be traveling to Dominica in the Caribbean West Indies.  The newly completed 115-mile Waitukubuli Trail is without a doubt one of the most epic and challenging long distance trails in the world, and the only one of its kind in the entire Caribbean.  The trail takes runners through every island environment imaginable, penetrating into remote primary and secondary rainforests, up mist covered volcanic mountains, down deep canyons and gorges, through cool rivers and waterfalls, and along pristine beaches and rocky coastlines.  The incredible diversity of wildlife and plant species that can be seen along the trail only adds to the list of reasons why Dominica is known simply as the “Nature Isle of the Caribbean”.   If there were a trail running Garden of Eden, Dominica would surely be it.

As the race progresses runners will travel through and camp in remote villages along the route where they will have a chance to immerse themselves further and connect with the island’s people and pace of life.  This will provide a perfect opportunity for down time in between stages to refresh, recharge and connect with an amazing community of runners and volunteers while soaking in the incredible tropical surroundings.  Many of these locations will also offer opportunities to sample local cuisine, check out local artisans, learn about traditional healing and ancient customs, and even take dip in one of the islands numerous hot springs.  And of course no Caribbean experience would be complete without some tasting of the local rum.

While the race was conceived to be the ultimate trail running competition, runners and athletes of all abilities will be given ample time to complete the course.  It will be by no means be easy, challenging elite and novice runners alike, but anybody with a sense of adventure, a strong will and a desire to discover one’s edge and step beyond it will have at chance of finishing.  For this reason we encourage anyone to apply, however due to the unique nature and intimate experience we wish to provide, registration will be limited for the inaugural event.  We are looking forward to organizing an amazing community for this race, which will undoubtedly generate an incredible amount of energy, and an opportunity to create long lasting connections and friendships.  This is going to be one wild and epic race, and for those who take on the challenge and reach the finish you will have the honor and privilege to know what means to have “Conquered the ONE RUN and Escaped ALIVE.


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