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STAGE 1 – 20 MILESWaitukubuli Trail

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Dominica offers an incredible challenge and experience for runners and athletes of all abilities.  A literal trail running Garden of Eden, the One Run will take competitors through every island environment imaginable as they ascend 30,000 feet over 5-days along the 125-mile route in an attempt to become the first to race from one end of the island to the other.

The Waitukubuli Trail, fondly know as the WNT, will serve as the main backbone for the race course and covers 115 miles, spanning and twisting the length of Dominica.  From Scotts Head in the south to Capuchin in the north, the trail winds from one end of Dominica to the other. Along the way it will take you through coastal villages, up woodland hills, into lush rainforest, past waterfalls, down to rivers, back up to the mountains and then down again to the sea. Dominica’s unique and varied terrain will reveal her age-old secrets to you as you enjoy her natural beauty and vibrant, fresh air.

You will also learn about Dominica’s history as you make your way across the National Trail. The WNT passes through traditional Carib villages, ruins of 18th Century French settlements, the renovated Fort Shirley at The Cabarets, and secret ‘Maron’ passages where runaway slaves escaped and many more interesting historical and natural sites.

While the Waitukubuli will serve as the backbone, the opportunities for adventure along this route are endless, and runners can also expect to be challenged at various points to go beyond the trail, visiting areas of the island rarely seen or visited.  These sections will include ascending to ancient mountain tops, traveling down cool river gorges, and scrambling along remote and wild coastlines.  Traveling in these remote areas is possible in Dominica because there are no poisonous creatures or plants that cause problems in other tropical environments, and the island is very safe.

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 10.25.15 PMAlong the route competitors can expect to run on various surfaces including single track trails, double track dirt and paved roads, and marked off trail sections.  The course will also feature fully stocked aid stations and the opportunity to resupply in various towns along the way.  Since Dominica is also known as the “Breadbasket of the Caribbean”, there is even the possibility to forage for fifteen different varieties of fruit growing along the trail.

While the course has been designed to rank among the toughest trail runs in the world and will challenge the most elite of runner, the course will also feature generous cutoffs.  Athletes and runners of all abilities will be encouraged and supported throughout the race to complete the full course and reach the finish line.  However for those that miss established cutoffs or voluntarily elect, a shortened course will be available.  Our mission is to support each and every competitors goals in reaching the finish line and having an exceptional race experience.   We’re not saying it’ll be easy, we’re saying it’ll be worth it!

More specific information about the course and format is available in the FAQ section.  You can also visit the Waitukubuli Trail website to learn more about the trail itself.

* The altitude profile shows preliminary trail segments only.  Additional segments of the route are still in planning and updates will be provided in competitor updates.



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